The Center for Agile Thinking was established in 2010 to assist organizations in improving the productivity and quality of decision-making.

The Center develops techniques and tools for fostering critical thinking, strategic thinking, creative thinking, collaboration and communication in organizational settings.



We provide the tools, techniques and coaching  for individuals and teams that lead to a higher functioning organization. 
Performance improves because people work together more effectively. 
They make better decisions with less churn. 



  • We provide tools, techniques and coaching that make you a higher functioning person.
  • We help you build effectiveness and influence in your company.
  • And in your life.

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    Our Story

    Anne and Charlie Kreitzberg founded The Center for Agile Thinking to help organizations solve a big problem. Anne was a corporate executive in the insurance industry and also taught business strategy at the Wharton School. Charlie founded Cognetics, a user experience consulting firm that helped its clients conceptualize and design build interactive products.

    In 1998, Anne came to Charlie with an idea. "I see companies making the same mistakes over and over. Churn, in-fighting, poor decisions, a lack of strategic thinking. I know that good coaching can help but there just aren't enough expert coaches to go around or budget to pay for them. Can't we create an interactive tool that would offer coaching on-demand?"

    Charlie took up the challenge and in 1999 the first version of an interactive coach was tested by a large technology company and a large financial services company. The results were great so Anne and Charlie got married.

    While teaching at the Wharton School, Anne met Rajeev who was then working in Columbus Ohio and flying to Philadelphia every week to attend class. After graduation, Rajeev went back to Mumbai to co-found Last-Bench, an innovative educational technology company.

    It was inevitable that Anne, Charlie and Rajeev would get together and the Center for Agile Thinking began development of its TurboTeam™ platform in 2010. The rest, of course, is history.