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Co-founders - Anne and Charlie

Meet Anne and Charlie

Thought Leadership and Community Leadership

Anne Pauker Kreitzberg and Charlie Kreitzberg are the developers of Agile Critical Thinking and the leaders of this community. Yes, we are partners in life as well as in work.

For the past ten years we have been fascinated by the impact of the web and social computing on how people live, work, interact and learn. This led us to design Critical Thinking University - a unique social learning environment to help working people develop critical thinking skills. We serve as authors, contributors and thought leaders to "CTU" - it's a real labor of love on a topic we are passionate about.

Anne Pauker Kreitzberg

Anne Pauker KreitzbergAnne strives to make people's work lives better, deepen their capabilities and increase their effectiveness in a changing workplace.

An early pioneer in creating a "Best Place to Work," throughout her career she has successfully created and  implemented innovative strategies for collaboration, performance and change management, workplace flexibility, work-life and diversity.

Anne and Charlie's first collaborative effort was Leaderware, one of the early "online coaches" designed for managers. Among other tools they have created are a Critical Thinking Toolkit and  tools for Assessing Organizational Readiness for Web 2.0 and for Creating Your Company's Web 2.0 Strategy.

Anne revamped the critical thinking curricula offered by the American Management Association, including its new virtual course and a new course in Advanced Critical Thinking scheduled for the Fall of 2010.

Anne has been a trusted advisor to leaders and teams in a wide range of public, private and nonprofit organizations for over 25 years. She held executive positions in both the private and public sectors and in consultancy.  She regularly speaks and writes on emerging management and workplace issues.

Anne is a member of the faculty at the Wharton School, where she teaches courses in Business Policy and HR. She holds an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

Contact Anne: anne@cognetics.com

Charles B. Kreitzberg, PhD

Charles B. Kreitzberg, PhDCharlie is a cognitive psychologist and computer scientist. He is a specialist in user experience design who began designing user interfaces in 1982 and has created award-winning interactive designs that synthesize computer technology with human cognition. Charlie's designs have been used in automated teller machines, medical software, and knowledge systems.

Charlie's expertise in how people think, learn and process information is core to critical thinking. This knowledge, combined with his perspective as an interaction designer, has enabled him to create new ways to teach "soft skills" online.

He is a pioneer in web design and the developer of HyperTies -- a browser that influenced early web development. He also led the development of the LUCID Framework which is widely used for user experience design.

Charlie has lectured and consulted at corporations and universities worldwide. He has served as an expert witness in software interface patent disputes. He is Founding Editor of User Experience magazine; he has authored numerous articles and has served on the national boards of the Usability Professionals Association and the Society for Information Management.

He holds advanced degrees in computer science and psychology. Dr. Kreitzberg also serves as the Technology Director for Einstein’s Alley, a New Jersey economic development initiative.

Contact Charlie: charlie@cognetics.com