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The Center for Agile Thinking - Executive Management

Rajeev Chhajer - Principal and CTO

Rajeev is Principal and CTO of The Center for Agile Thinking. Initially working in a corporate job, Rajeev left to co-found Last-Bench -- a company focusing on innovative educational content creation developing novel and accessible online learning methods. Rajeev is a Principal at The Center for Agile Thinking where he leads the development of the TurboTeam platform, focuses on product development and overall business strategy.Rajeev Chhajer

In addition to his business and technical skill, Rajeev is a highly experienced project manager. He has a deep understanding of the real-world problems faced by project teams in corporate settings and brings a strategic design perspective to our products the ensures they are relevant and usable by project and departmental teams. He works closely with the technical staff to bridge the gap between product conceptualization and implementation.

Rajeev hods a post-baccalaureate certificate in Business Essentials from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.He holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering in Computers from Sardar Patel College of Engineering.



Sajid Chougle - Creative Director

Sajd is Creative Director of the Center for Agile Thinking. He manages a staff of visual designers and programmers and is responsible for our video production and the visual design of our TurboTeam platform. Sajid Chougle

Sajid gets much of his artistic inspiration from his deep love of nature. He is a professional sky-diver and a trekker who has completed 125 jumps in 5 different countries and recently completed a month long trekking trip to the Himalayas.

As Creative Director of The Center for Agile Thinking, Sajid works to transform subject matter into dynamic visual offerings. He is expert in both graphic design and animation development. Sajid also ensures and works towards the presentation, design and style of our products.

In addition to his design skills, Sajid is an expert in network support, graphics and mufti-media production.

Sajid holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering (Information Technology) from the University of Mumbai as well as a Masters of Science in Telecom and Network Management from Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA.