As a project or department manager, you and team have a boatload of tools to help you deliver projects.

But nine out of ten managers will tell you that the technical side is the not the problem -   landmines arise because of the simple fact that you need to work with people to get the job done.

Competitive pressures, constant change and imperfect information notch up the stress. Managing stakeholders, partners and team dynamics aside, navigating corporate culture is no walk in the park.

Let’s face it. A team leader’s day is a marathon of meetings, email and text messages while juggling priorities and putting out fires.

That’s where we come in.

We give leaders, already stressed for time, exactly what you need to give your team practical, focused, critical thinking techniques to supplement -  not replace –  tools and processes they already use. Our tools and techniques help teams smoothly work through the  human problems that inevitably crop up on projects.

There are lots of training programs that teach influencing, communication, conflict resolution, group decision making and problem solving. Most of them are not very effective.

What makes us different?

We believe that the best way to change the way teams work is when the team leader drives the process. You don’t have to be an expert in critical thinking – or an expert facilitator.

You pick a topic that will help your team tackle a timely and relevant problem.

Each topic is built around how to apply a straight-forward, practical technique designed for the imperfect world of team dynamics and corporate culture.

Who has time for developing a team?

TurboTeam™ Tools turn an ordinary team meeting into a collaborative learning session to apply a new, practical critical thinking technique to a real problem they are facing.

Before the session, each team member spends about 30 minutes preparing on-line. They get a clear sense of the issue, a common vocabulary, and generate a personalized eWorkbook for everyone and a step-by-step agenda for the leader.

During the team meeting, the team works together to apply a structured job-aid to a real problem the team is working on.  The team can adapt the job aid so that they can use it over and over as new problems arise.

Can you afford not to use TurboTeam Tools?

21st Century leaders need to be adept at developing their team’s skills and capacity in a dynamic, global, changing environment.

TurboTeam Topics boost team performance by reducing churn, rework, communication failure, group think, ineffective decision making and scope creep.

TurboTeam™ Topics deliver amazing results that start immediately and turn teams into high-performing Turbo Teams.

Give it a try and find out for yourself.