Get Your Message Across with


MindPops® Explainers


Important Ideas Made Clear

MindPops® Explainers are brief interactive modules 

They are great for communicating policies, procedures, products, & software.

They're easy to understand.

They use charming animations to demonstrate the behaviors you want to highlight.

Designed with a sophisticated cognitive model.

Your audience can view the materials in written or video form.

They can include tools and assessments.

Run them stand-alone or in our free eBinder that keeps them organized and available.

Works with your LMS if you want to track usage.


MindPops® Explainers are budget-friendly


Here you can view samples of our work.
These are not complete MindPops Explainers but segments that show different styles and applications


This company wanted to introduce its new hires to a comprehensive on-boarding program. Here is an animation clip from the MindPop which lays out the story in an entertaining video. Since MindPops are containers that can contain multiple links, we can place additional content,  tools and forms in the same MindPop so the user has everything needed in one place. 


  Sales Training

This animated sequence from a sales training conveys so much more than words. Instead of telling the trainee “to engage in conversation” the animation demonstrates how it might play out. This makes it easier for viewers to think about how the ideas apply to them.


 Introduce a New System

This clip was used to announce the deployment of a new Learning Management System. After acknowledging the problems in the current tool, the clip announces the new system. The animation is engaging and holds the viewers interest while the key points are being presented.


Product Summary  

This  company built a powerful software product. The trick was how to explain it succinctly. This clip does the job and you can send prospects the link by email.


Complex Data   A major pharma company needed to share complex research data with busy doctors. They wanted to make it quick, accurate and easy to comprehend. This MindPop shows how we presented the key findings of a 12 page scientific journal article in an easy to digest, interactive infographic.



How We Work With You

  • Our instructional designers work with you to design a storyboard that resonates.
  • Our creative team builds a visual design that rocks.
  • We create a light-hearted but thoughtful animation to show behavior.
  • If desired, we create a quiz or a tool.
  • We package all this up into a MindPop you can use stand-alone or in our free eBinder.
  • We make it SCORM compatible so it can be used on your Learning Management System.